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Banjara Inc

At our company, we are devoted to providing our customers with the highest quality service. This is the entire reason why we began. We knew early on that we wanted to provide the finest, most helpful, most modern web development services that could be found anywhere. We knew that we could do so well. This is because at Banjara, Inc., our staffers are a highly trained team of workers working out of a single site in New Delhi, India. As skilled workers, we come to the table with years of experience in the field of web development. Our staffers have a combined total of over thirty years of experience in the business, making it easy for us to provide all necessary web services to our customers.

Modern Technology

The focus at Banjara is one that always looks to the future at all times. Today’s business savvy owner needs to be willing to meet the needs of their customers and needs to be able to do so quickly and easily. This is why our staffers are constantly in touch with the latest and most modern trends in technology. We know that our customers rely on us in order to make sure their website looks good. We also know that our customers rely on us in order to be as responsive to the needs of their customers as possible. The best way to accomplish this aim is to always have an awareness of new technology that may exist on the market or may in development at the present time. Our company staffers are always in touch with potential development in web systems that can help make any site look better and be more functional for the needs of company officials and all those who use it.

Our Products

We offer many varied types of products and services as well as website creation. We can provide online marketing materials of all kinds including specialized banners that really get attention. We also offer other services such as campaign websites and mobile app development that is designed to help it make easier for companies to reach out to their customers even when they are on the go.


Using products such as HTML 5 allows us to provide for the needs of our clients. This version of HTML allows for a site that is elegant and highly interactive at the same time. HTML 5 was published in October 2014. Since that time, many of our staffers have taken classes in how to use this particular version well. The newest version includes many features that are ideal for the needs of today’s fast paced consumers. Today’s companies know they must present the latest version of any given program in order to help make sure that all of their clients are able to see the site. At our company, we know exactly how to use HTML 5 properly in order to help deliver the results our clients want.

Our Specialty

At Banjara, we work with many companies both in India and around the world. We also specialize in a specific area of website development and that is providing services for gaming companies. Over the years, our staffers have reached out to online casinos companies like free spins no deposit no wager Ltd. We recently worked on projects for desktop focused casinos, mobile casinos, bitcoin casinos and more. We all love to find bonuses like the casumo free spins bonus and the gratis spins bij leo vegas casino, but what we all love even more is to play casino games, for example at แนะนำสถานที่เล่นไพ่เสือมังกรแบบออนไลน์. It was our love of games that led us to realize that our services could be of excellent use to those in the online gaming industry. Our staffers adore getting online and playing a fun game either by themselves or with a partner or even with a group of people. At this point in time, we began to approach our favorite online gaming companies with the intention of providing them with possible website services.

A Great Partnership

Much to our delight, the response from the companies in question was extremely favorable. Such companies know that their business model depends on reaching out to customers and being there when needed. They know that their sites needs to be well maintained at all times. After a series of quick pitches, we had multiple contracts. World class gaming companies such as LeoVegas, OranjeCasino, Casumo and Mr. Green have been happy to work with us. They are also happy to have us at their beck and call in order to provide them with the best possible online website maintenance. Such companies know that we at Banjara are completely and utterly devoted to our craft. They also know that they can always contact us in the event that something goes wrong. We’ll be there right when they need us.