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About Us

Banjara started with five people. At the time, we were all good friends with an interest in computer science. Computer science classes are very popular in India. Many Indians of all ages have realized the potential of the net. It is not uncommon for any given person in India to spend at least three or four hours a day online in some capacity. Being online generally offers people the opportunity to learn how the net works. After a while many users grow tired of just being passive participants in the world. They want to be active. They want to learn how to design and create their own sites for other people to view. This is exactly what happened to our founders. After a few months of using the net, all five began to quickly realize that it was possible for them to create and design websites that were beautiful, useful and elegant. All of our founders taught themselves how to use HTML. After that, all sought to earn a degree in this field. After completing their education, they decided it was time to consider starting a company of their own to earn money. So they did just that.

Ajay is our founder. He has been the driving force behind our company since it first began. Ajay grew up in New Delhi to a middle class family. During his travels around the world, he realized that it was important to have access to the net no matter where he was. At times, he played some of the best online slots ever. This led to his ambition to be part of this world. It is his vision that has helped Banjara come to life. In his spare time, he also likes to play with his dog and workout at a local gym. He and his fiancee plan to get married in the fall.

Rohit is our finance person. Rohit is the person that makes sure that all our finances are in order. He knows how to raise cash and keep it flowing. He has an extensive background in both finance and the world of computers. Rohit supervises a group of several people on a daily basis, allowing him to carefully keep up with the needs of our clients and our staffers. When not working, Rohit likes to try new restaurants or just stay in and enjoy his wife’s home cooking as he plays with his two sons.

Isha is the person in charge of human resources. She has a degree in human development and years of experience working with people of varied backgrounds. Her skill is making sure that all those who work here are able to be at their best and assist customers well. Isha is known for her kind manner and her devotion to all of our staffers here at Banjara. She loves to bring meals for workers to make sure they have a homemade meal that allows them to get through the rest of their shift. She lives at home with her husband, her two daughters and their cat.

Vinay is charged with supervising the technical aspects of our business. Like many others at our company, he loves the high tech world. People here rely on him to help them keep up with changing developments in the field. He helps make sure all systems are fully up to date. Vinay likes to ski in his spare time with his entire family.

Kumar is the chief in charge of client relationships. He is directly responsible for helping with the needs of existing clients and bringing in new business. In his daily life, he is frequently in touch with many officials at our major clients. He also flies all over the world to meet with potential new clients who wish to use our many varied types of existing services. Kumar likes to play games of all kinds when not at work including good, old fashioned board games.