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Online marketing project for free spins no deposit no wager ltd

At Banjara Inc we work with a myriad of online casinos and companies in the gambling industry. We offer a range of website design and development services. Also, we specialize in digital marketing. Our extensive knowledge of the casino industry allows us to create targeted marketing campaigns that have high impact and great click-through rates.

One company we worked with recently was free spins no deposit no wager Ltd. This is an online company that provides a repository of info and reviews about online casinos. We wanted to share with you how we helped them, and the marketing project we created together.

Providing Effective Marketing for this Casino Review Company

To boost the effectiveness of free spins no deposit no wager Ltd’s marketing we looked at four specific areas. This includes social media post frequency, affiliate marketing, boosting social media followers, and basic SEO improvements:

Scheduled social media posts

Firstly, we noticed that their social media platforms were quite inactive. A key to creating successful social media marketing is to be active and post regularly. If you only post once per month, for example, your social media fees will gain less exposure due to the platform’s ranking algorithms.

To rectify this, we sat down with the staff at Free Spins No Deposit Ltd and created a social media posting schedule. We also drafted a wealth of posts they could schedule over the next few months.

Affiliate Marketing

Next, we look at their affiliate marketing. This company has a range of affiliate links on their site to other casinos and gambling sites. However, the number of links was admittedly small.
We worked with them to boost these numbers and connect them with a much wider range of affiliate programs. In the long term, this should help boost SEO via backlinks, but also increase custom and revenue.

Improving social media following

Building on the social media theme, we notice that Free Spins No Deposit Ltd did not have a huge social media following. Obviously more social media followers mean greater exposure and as a result, better click rates.

We worked on building their presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Part of this was connecting with complementary businesses and following high-rated social media influencers and companies. You effectively have to network and spend time maintain your social media presence in order for it to be successful.

SEO improvements to boost Google rankings

Finally, we looked at the basic organic SEO of their website, social media, and marketing content. There were areas that it could be improved. By improving organic SEO for your web content, and targeting specific keywords, you can improve your search rankings on websites like Google and Bing.

A little about Free Spins No Deposit Ltd

As you can see, we helped Free Spins No Deposit Ltd boost their customer base, improve website traffic, and greatly increase their social media following.

To show our appreciation to free spins no deposit no wager Ltd for working with us, we wanted to finish with a little section explaining their services. This company has a huge online repository. Their website contains a plethora of casino reviews, and useful information on the best types of casino bonuses available.

If you want to find the best casinos and welcome offers, this is a great website to use. They rank casinos and provide extensive lists so you can easily access the best free spin promotions.